Polish Official Invites AOC To See Difference Between ICE Detention Centers And Concentration Camps

Tarczyński Dominik, a member of the Polish Parliament, called out AOC about her Concentration Camp comment. He figured that she must not know the difference between a detention center and a Death camp. So he invited her to see for herself.

“I write to you out of distress in having learned of your recent statements regarding concentration camps.

As you should be aware, The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZIS) who led Germany, were responsible for the darkest period in my country’s and our whole continent’s history by devising a chain of concentration camps in order to exterminate those who they believed were subhuman, or a threat to their imperialistic machinations- this included both Jewish Poles and non-Jewish Poles, which resulted in the loss of six million of our citizens.”

“This is why when someone cheapens the history, or uses it for political point-scoring, we become agitated and upset.”

“I understand there are heightened tensions in your politics right now, but I urge severe caution in attempting to leverage phrases such as concentration camps for political ends it will lead nowhere good.

With this in mind, however, I wish to extend the olive branch of education, Congresswoman, and would be delighted if you accept my offer to come to Poland and study the concentration camps here for real, so that you can see first hand how different it is from your immigration processing centers on the U.S. border.”

“At your convenience, we could visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, and Majdanek” where “over three million human souls were extinguished.”

“You speak often of bipartisanship and I feel this is one area in particular where we can begin to live that ideal.”

Wow, just how is AOC going to combat this? She should take advantage of this offer and visit Poland, then she might gain some humility and finally understand why she is out of line. It’s just amazing that she could make it into politics at all, with the nonsense that she is constantly saying.

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