Poll Claims Trump Is at Risk of Losing Major Voting Base

A new poll claims that Trump will lose 43% of his base if he fails to get the wall built. And it would be built too if Pelosi and Schumer cared about Americans.

Most Trump voters still support the President for the time-being, even if they view the outcome of the Shutdown Showdown as his loss, according to a survey by Ear to the Ground. The “Grassroots Pulse” survey of 2,700 primary and general election Trump voters was conducted January 25-27 in collaboration with Citizens for Self-Governance.”

The study also explains that most Trump supporters are not happy with how the govt shutdown ended.

The poll also shows that his supporters, by a wide margin of 95 percent, support Trump building the border wall by declaring a national emergency.

For those wondering why Democrats and the media are adamantly opposed to any kind of barrier or wall along our southern border, this is why.

Any funding for any kind of structure will allow Trump to claim he kept his central campaign promise. And although Democrats and the media know we need physical structures to protect our border, what is more important to both groups is preventing Trump from keeping that promise. They believe, and not without cause, that the fastest way to defeat Trump in 2020 is to destroy his base of support.”

I wonder if Trump will be able to pull it off without passing an executive order or putting the govt into a state of emergency. House Speaker Pelosi has already claimed that by no means will there be a wall, and she has been a thorn in America’s side.

As of January 30th, the Democrats have offered nothing in the way of a border wall. In fact, it looks like they are using this time instead to prevent Trump from shutting the govt down. Just who exactly is this party representing? Because it’s not the American people.

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