Pork Sausage Served at National Islam Conference

There are taboo foods in many different religions and diets. Most people on strict diets will accept that we do not all share the same views on foods.

But some people are a little over the top when it comes to food. Some Vegans who get offended by the mere presence of meat and in this case German Muslims, who felt slighted that there was a pork product served during a German Government run function.

Germany’s Interior Ministry has come under fire for serving blood sausage at a national Islam conference last week, despite pork being forbidden for practicing Muslims.”

The ministry has defended its decision to serve the sausage consisting of pig’s blood, pork and bacon at the evening buffet on Wednesday. It said the serving reflected the “religious-pluralistic composition” of the event, which brought together Muslim associations and leaders with officials from the federal and local governments.

The ministry added that there was a wide range of food at the “clearly excellent” buffet, with vegetarian, meat, fish and halal dishes available. “If individuals were still offended for religious reasons, we regret this,” it said.”

So there was plenty of pork free and Middle Eastern dishes but because there was pork served as well there is an issue? Sounds like a personal problem. They would have more of argument if pork was the only thing was available during a Muslim Event. But this is just being fussy.

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) quickly entered the discussion, accusing critics of the Interior Ministry of launching an attack on German culture.

“Tolerance starts at the point where the blood sausage is seen simply for what it is: a German delicacy  that no one has to like, but that, just like our way of life, cannot be taken away from us,” AfD lawmaker Alice Weidel wrote on Twitter.”

There are claims that the meat was not labeled and served as an appetizer, which would hold more merit when it comes to a valid argument. But otherwise, this whole incident seems blown out of proportion and the product of the overly PC and sensitive.

This event took place in Germany should it not then be expected that there will be sausages and German delicacies at a German-run function? You would think that the people attending would be accustomed to German cuisine as they live in Germany. Or at least accept that it would be present.

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