POTUS Greets ‘Bikers For Trump – Drops This Shocker On Hateful Media [Video]

What a sight! The ‘Bikers for Trump’ rally was a fairly beautiful event. Especially if you ignore the pushy reporters and anti-Trumpers. The President sure did!

RWN called it “a show of surprise patriotism” President Donald Trump welcomed dozens of rain-soaked bikers into his exclusive golf club where he is currently vacationing in Bedminster, New Jersey while the White House undergoes much-needed renovations. The group rode their motorcycles to the Trump National Golf Club as part of their annual “Bikers for Trump” rally in support of President Donald Trump.

Dozens and dozens of gleaming Harleys, Hondas and other motorcycles descended with the sounds of thundering pipes to central New Jersey despite pouring rain and flash flood warnings to rally in what was billed as an outdoor photo opportunity with President Tump.

The weather caused President Trump to usher the soggy group inside a crystal-chandeliered clubhouse ballroom known as the “Crystal Ballroom.” Inside President Trump signed autographs and posed for selfies with his supporters. His guests also booed reporters in the press pool.

As Reported By CBS News:

He quickly pointed out the sopping-wet media, which sparked jeers and calls to “tell the truth.” And he thanked the group, saying they’d been with him since the beginning and calling their motorcycles “the most beautiful bikes anyone’s ever seen.”

He later walked into the crowd of supporters, shaking hands, posing for selfies and signing an autograph.

At one point, Mr. Trump returned to the podium to poll those in the crowd on their views of the press, prompting more jeers. One joked that the press pool should be thrown out in the rain.

The president largely ignored reporters’ shouted questions, except for the one about former White House adviser and reality star Omarosa Manigault Newman and her new book, which includes scandalous – and often unsupported – accusations against Mr. Trump.

I’m sure reporters were FLOORED that Trump didn’t let the event be about them. They do seem to think their voices should be heard first and over everyone else. Not this President!

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