Preteen Gets Run Over By His Own School Bus

A preteen in Taylortown North Carolina is recovering after a school bus ran over his arm. He wasn’t goofing off or playing around under the bus. No, he was simply getting off the bus and the impatient driver closed the doors too fast, catching his backpack in the door. She was apparently not paying attention as she continued on as nothing happened.

The bus started driving away as the 12-year-old boy struggled to free his backpack, and he was dragged for about 10 feet before one of the bus’ rear tires ran over his arm, authorities said.

Moore County School officials went to the scene, and parents were notified to pick their children up there, school district officials said.”

Zion Baker, 12, suffered fractures to his left arm and injured his knees during the incident, which happened at his regular bus stop at the intersection of Walker Street and Americus Road.

“Shocking. I keep repeating to myself I got run over by a bus,” he said.”

“Once it happened and she ran over my arm, I screamed she ran over my arm, and then my neighbor helped me,” he said.

Watch The Clip Below. 

A spokesperson for the school system confirmed the driver is no longer driving but did not say specifically what disciplinary action was taken.

“If they’re overworked, underpaid, that’s not my business. That’s not my problem. You were supposed to protect my child. You had one job and you didn’t do it,” the mother, Sarena Thomas, said. “You don’t deserve a job with kids. Period. Not in the cafeteria, not driving a school bus. You don’t deserve it.”

Moore County Schools deeply regrets this incident occurred. We are working with the student’s family to ensure a smooth transition when he returns to school in the next several days…”

That mom is right the bus driver was negligent. They could very well sue the school for this.

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