Previously Deleted Footage Of Bill Clinton Being Heckled By Amsterdam Prostitutes, Found [Video]

This has to be the funniest and most truthful headline seen in years. Shortly after we shared this story when it first broke the footage was removed but LOOK what’s back for your amusement!

The former President Bill Clinton, who looks like he can hardly talk anymore, was busy delivering the final address of the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam when he got a surprise interruption from some unwelcomed guests.

Chicks On The Right reported that Clinton had just started his speech when protesters broke in and began heckling him, chanting and blowing whistles as they made their demands clear. The wanted the complete decriminalization of s*x workers worldwide, and even in the United States.

The best part of the video is when someone shouted, “We know you support s*x workers, please help us!” That just should make the week of any person who sat in silence as the media convinced the American people in the late 90’s that oral s*x was not s*x and that he had lied under oath because any red-blooded American male would have.

Clinton remained silent as the protestors shouted their demands at him, maybe because he probably knew a few of them. Once they calmed down the former president commended “on allowing people to come here with a grievance and concern, the right to be heard.” So in other words de avoided the conversation.

The second demand the protesters had was that they were against the conference being held in San Francisco in 2020. Which really makes no sense since San Francisco was basically ground zero for the aids epidemic here in the U.S. back in the 80’s. Although it may be because of what San Francisco has turned into under 40 years of extreme liberal rule.

It’s a sad day when not even prostitutes want to go to a city because of how filthy and dangerous it is, crime is up sharply and you have to avoid human feces as you walk the streets but it’s residents instead of waking up and trying new leadership, they double down on the same old same old just as long as they don’t try a Republican.

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