Pro Choice Doctor Tries To Ward Off Pro-Life Medical Professionals

A Pro-Choice doctor is trying to deter Pro-Life people from entering the healthcare field. Dr. Monica McLemore claims that abortion is just part of healthcare. She feels people need to be ready to perform abortions if they are going to enter the medical field. McLemore wrote a piece on Vice explaining how she felt it was wrong for a nurse to back out of an abortion due to personal beliefs, and how abortions in her opinion are just part of the job.

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services defended a registered nurse who claimed that the hospital she worked for violated her conscience by forcing her to assist with an abortion. The complaint, filed in May 2018, alleged that the nurse was a self-identified Catholic, and cites violations of the Church Amendment that protects healthcare workers “from impositions of certain requirements contrary to religious beliefs or moral convictions”—in this case, abortion.”

“The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics and statement on reproductive health has clear instructions and guidelines about the conduct of professional nurses—“clients have the right to make reproductive health decisions based on full information and without coercion”—and nursing professionals must be prepared to discuss “all relevant information about health choices that are legal.” It is the guiding document of our service to the public.”

To be clear, I respect people’s desires not to do things that go against their moral or religious beliefs. I know that professional nursing in the United States was established in religiously affiliated institutions. However, people shouldn’t go into healthcare if they don’t want to provide healthcare.”

If she truly respected the beliefs of other she wouldn’t be telling people to steer clear of healthcare if they are not up for aborting babies. The nurse that opted out should be praised as many people in the medical field have lost sight of the”do no harm” part of being a medical professional, just as it appears McLemore has.

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