Proof That Even Liberals Hate Kathy Griffin

Hollywood’s unwanted red-headed stepchild, Kathy Griffin, found herself on Twitter once again whining.

This time she was complaining that actor Don Cheadle did not back her up when she did that disgusting anti-Trump photo shoot. This was all brought about by Cheadle’s post where he put up a photo of a hat that was anti-Trump.

After Griffin tried to call him out for being a hypocrite he quickly put her in her place like that the brat she is.

It started with this tweet.

Griffin jumped on this tweet attempting to call out Cheadle.

“Oh GREAT Don. I will never forgive you for your nasty tweet the day my smear campaign started. You know it was a fucking smear campaign and you have never taken a moment to apologize. Some liberal you are. Yes, my memory is long my ex friend. Shame on you. I kept a list. Fear me.”

Cheadle unaware of what he did wrong first responded with a confused “huh?” Which just drove the far left Griffin to post again.

“Huh? You’re a dick in real life, but believe it or not I truly hope what I went through never happens to you. Never. And if it did I would be the first in line to stand up for you, get my ass on television and do everything I could to defend you & the 1st amendment. It’s easy don.”

This was it, as he now had to correct Griffin for her assumptions and complaint.

“sigh … ok, kathy. 1) we had one conversation on a flight about our mutual disgust for individual 1. i don’t “friend” that quickly so we can’t really be “exes.”

2) had i been your “friend” and you had asked my opinion, i would have said, “kathy. for you own sake, please do NOT depict yourself holding the bloody, severed head of the president, evoking daesh, daniel pearl and every other painful, disturbing memory associated with it, your first amendment rights notwithstanding.”

and had you said, “fkkk you, i’m doing it anyway,” i would’ve said, “well girl, be prepared to have the dogs sicced on you. the secret service doesn’t play around with sh*t like that no matter WHO the president is. you’re also risking your career for what i see as zero upside. just tell him to like i do.” maybe you would have listened. doubt it.

3) taking every opportunity to oppose him and support those looking to unseat him, IS defending you albeit not your personal, cringe worthy photo-op. 4) apologize for a tweet!?  …5) i’m sorry that you’re still dealing with the aftershocks of your actions. it’s egregious.

6) this is six more than necessary answers to your “don’s a dick because he didn’t go on tv to champion me,” tweet. 7) you wanna rap offline, you know how that works. “

Cheadle made easy work of Griffin as she failed to respond after he called her out for her nonsense. If we are lucky maybe she will fade into obscurity as her career certainly already has.

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