Protesters In China Will Make You Proud To Be American

In Hong Kong, there are protesters that are asking for basic human rights. They want Democracy in communist China. They want what many Americans take for granted on a daily basis. They want freedom. The really touching thing about this story is how they are protesting. The protesters used America as their symbol for what they want, as they waved the American flag while singing our anthem.

On an episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” “Klavan talks about how protesters in Hong Kong are using the American flag as a symbol to rally against an oppressive government.”

“President Trump said yesterday that the [Chinese] army is lining up right outside Hong Kong ready to go in there. We don’t know — that hasn’t been confirmed, but he says that’s what intelligence services say. It would not surprise me at all if China wants trouble there so they can go in and stomp on people and take the place over. That’s not going to look very good. But ultimately China has all the power and we don’t.

So the thing that really is poignant to me, and the thing that I want to get to, is the fact that the Hong Kongers — desperate to preserve their freedom, under the gun with people being kidnapped and disappearing and laws creeping in there that are meant to erode their freedoms — are waving the American flag. And they’re singing our “Star-Spangled Banner.” They are waving the American flag. And this is — I mean this should move all of us.

This should touch every single one of us, and remind us that when people look for freedom, when they are afraid of oppression, when they strive to become the one thing that all great people have to be — which is free..” ”

And when people are looking for freedom, whose flag do they wave? Our flag. And that’s why — and this is the thing that is so poignant about this — is that here in America, we’re not respecting that flag.

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Maybe we can do an exchange for Kaepernick and all of these anti-America Dems. It is nice to see that America still inspires the world with its freedoms. Now if only we could somehow remind the liberals here just how good they have it.

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