Psaki Messes Up Admits Biden Is Comparing Drone Strike To…

It seems the Biden Admin has brought Americans together on one idea, the idea that he is incompetent. Polls show that most Americans are questioning Biden’s leadership and with good reason. He has caused two major crises that are both still unresolved to this day. And on top of that, he is failing us in new ways daily. During a recent press briefing, a reporter asked about Biden’s response to the recent drone strike which ended up killing 7 kids, instead of the ISIS-K agent that killed our marines. Psaki claimed Biden said it was tragic and then made it about himself, talking about his own loss.

Q    Following up on the drone strike last week that the Pentagon now admits was a tragic mistake: What was the President’s response when he learned about that?

MS. PSAKI:  Well, the President was briefed on Friday morning about the report that was going to be released and put out.  I would say first: The President’s view and all of our view is that the loss of any civilian life is a tragedy.  As was made clear in the comments by the Secretary of Defense, by General McKenzie, this was done in error.  And clearly, the investigation that will continue is something the President broadly supports.

So, as a human being, as a President, as somebody who has overseen loss in a variety of scenarios both as a leader and personally, it is — his reaction is it’s a tragedy, and every loss is a tragedy, and he supports the efforts to — the effort to move this forward as quickly as possible and to have a thorough investigation.

Q    You mentioned there’s an ongoing investigation.  Should it be anticipated that someone would be fired, demoted, not promoted, passed over, and held accountable within the military ranks for this?

MS. PSAKI:  Well, I think what’s important is that the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman — and General McKenzie came forward and made very clear that this was — they wanted to see this move forward quickly, they want it to be as transparent as possible, they wanted to learn from what had happened.

It’s also important to note what the circumstances were here in — when this strike was made: This was a scenario where there were direct threats from ISIS-K against our troops who were on the ground in Afghanistan.  And that was the scenario where the strike was made.

Obviously, it was done in error, and obviously, there was a horrific tragedy that happened, but I’m not going to predict what the impact will be.”

Biden just doesn’t get it. He ordered the drone to blow up/destroy that vehicle, and maybe the intelligence was bad but that’s still on him for giving the ok. He is not supposed to be trying to say he understands their pain, he is supposed to admit that it’s his mistake and apologize. He killed kids. And really it was over nothing. We didn’t need to lose those marines and these kids didn’t need to die. This is just more blunders caused by Biden.

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