Rand Paul Calls Out Joe Biden’s Abuse Of Power

Rand Paul was recently interviewed on ABC’s “This Week” by George Stephanopoulos. Paul was excited to tell Americans about Biden’s corruption while he was Vice President. Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to get rid of a prosecutor that was looking into his son, Hunter Biden.


“Good morning, lets start where Chairman Schiff just left off right there that perhaps Congress should consider making it illegal to engage foreign governments, foreign assistance in campaigns. You agree?”


“Well I think the American people will be shocked and dismayed to know that Joe Biden’s son was making $50,000/month just a couple of months after he was dishonorably discharged from the military for drugs.

$50,000 a month, I think most Americans will be dismayed that the president’s son was doing this while Joe Biden was actually lobbying to have this company, you know, go free of prosecution. My understanding, this was reported in the New York Times, Joe Biden was asking the prosecutor to lay off of the company that Hunter Biden was working for for $50,000 a month…”


“That’s not what – that’s not what was reported, in fact, he was on an anti-corruption drive.”


“Well, actually that’s exactly what was reported, yes, that he got $50,000 a month right after he was kicked out of the military. That’s exactly true and nobody disputes that.”


“That’s very separate from what you just said about what the vice president was saying right there.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Paul is referring to this passage from the NYT.

“It was a foreign policy role Joseph R. Biden Jr. enthusiastically embraced during his vice presidency: browbeating Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt government to clean up its act. And one of his most memorable performances came on a trip to Kiev in March 2016, when he threatened to withhold $1 billion in United States loan guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor, who had been accused of turning a blind eye to corruption in his own office and among the political elite.

Among those who had a stake in the outcome was Hunter Biden, Mr. Biden’s younger son, who at the time was on the board of an energy company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch who had been in the sights of the fired prosecutor general.”

Hunter Biden “would be paid as much as $50,000 per month in some months for his work for the company, Burisma Holdings.”

So Biden abused his power while in office to protect his son from a criminal investigation. Just how is Biden going to explain this one?

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