Rand Paul: Mueller “Fundamentally Misunderstands Our Justice System”

Rand Paul appeared on Varney & Co where they discussed Trump impeachment and how Mueller messed up royally when it comes to his recent statement about the Mueller Report.


“What do you make of all this impeachment talk?”


“The thing that shocks me is that someone like Mueller, who is supposed to be esteemed and has been around for decades, completely and fundamentally misunderstands our justice system. The burden on the government is to prove that you’re guilty. Nobody proves that you’re innocent.

You’re presumed to be innocent. So he’s out there, all over television, saying, “We never said, we never concluded the president was innocent.” Completely misunderstands our judicial system. You’re presumed to be innocent; they have to prove you’re guilty. He was not charged. He was not indicted, so he is innocent, and so it’s really wrong-headed but misunderstands our system for him to go around saying, “If he was innocent we would have said he was innocent.” That never happens in our country.

Grand juries never issue a bill about innocence. They only either indict you or try to prove that you’re guilty. But you’re presumed to be innocent in our country and Mueller completely misunderstands that.”


“If we go with all the impeachment talk and investigations and subpoenas, and heaven knows what else, am I right in saying the government is essentially stalled, nothing gets done?”


“Yes, and I think people are sick and tired of this. You talk in my hometown to people who have been watching all this overwrought from some of the networks, it has become so partisan, so malevolent and hateful towards the president. People are sick of watching it, to tell you the truth. Can you imagine how sick they are gonna get if we get a year or two of some sort of partisan impeachment process? It’s going to be terrible for the country.”

Paul is right Mueller clearly showed Bias against Trump when he gave that statement. He has reignited the suspicions about the president when the report already cleared him. Now we are going to be stuck watching the Dems waste time and money, as they continue to probe and harass the president for nothing.

Just how many times do you have to prove that Trump is innocent before the Dems will believe it?

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