Rand Paul Stands Up For Trump’s Actions At Summit

The President has been getting a lot of unnecessary flack over the Helinski Summit. It seems like everyone missed the memo on what the purpose of the meeting was. The Helinski Summit was all about brokering a better relationship with Russia. Trump went there on a mission of Diplomacy and he would have been fine if not for the meddling MSM who have it out for Trump. But at least one Senator stood up for Trump and understood the purpose of the Summit, Senator Rand Paul.

Despite many of his peers siding against Trump, Rand Paul stood by and supported Trump. Gayle King interviewed Rand on CBS This Morning.


“Listen you have heard the avalanche of criticism and negativity: appalling, shameful, disgraceful, shocking, it’s coming from all sides. I’m wondering, you are here this morning you are doing a clean up on aisle 3?”


“Well you know I think we ought to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and decide whether or not we want to have conversations with even our adversaries. During the heights of The Cold War, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy had a direct line to Khrushchev and I think the world is safer and a much better place because we had that line of communication. We had ambassadors- ”

Gayle then tried to cut off Rand but he wasn’t having it.


“Let me finish my question if you are going to ask questions, let me finish.”

“It was also I think a good idea that we continue to have ambassadors and diplomatic relations with Russia even though they are our adversary.”


“Senator Paul, I don’t think anyone would object to a trying to have a good relationship with Russia. I think the problem is that he seemed to throw the American Intelligence community under the bus while doing that. Is there a part of you that wishes-”


“Actually, I think that is incorrect. I think that is incorrect, I think that what you just said that no one would object to him meeting with Putin, every Democrat on Capitol Hill objected to him meeting with Putin, and every neoconservative and warmonger on the right also objected to it. So yes, the vast majority of the foreign policy community the bipartisan consensus said you shouldn’t meet with Putin. They also said he shouldn’t meet with Kim and this is an extraordinary thing about Trump that should be lauded not belittled. He is willing to meet with adversaries to try and prevent us from having World War Three.”

Watch The Video Below.

Rand Paul Goes on to contradict the narrative of the MSM and properly defends Trump. The Hosts of the show try and poke holes in his defense but are unable to beat Rand. They end up cutting him off at the end and trying to reassert that everyone else is angry about it. But they are too late Rand easily batted away the MSM narrative and made them look foolish in the process.

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