Reid Goes Berserk After McConnell Tells Dems His Plan

Joy Reid is constantly spewing hate. She is like the Don Lemon of MSNBC. Recently she targeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, she was complaining that he wanted to keep the Supreme Court conservative…

Reid talked about it during a recent “ReidOut” segment.

“Today, Mitch McConnell made something explicitly clear: A GOP-controlled Senate would never again confirm a Democratic Supreme Court nominee,” Reid said. In other words, if they regain the majority, they plan to pack the court with conservative justices in perpetuity. The minority leader told radio host Hugh Hewitt that it was highly unlikely if the next presidential campaign is underway that he would bring a Biden nominee to the floor for a vote.”

Reid then cut to a clip of McConnell explaining his stance.

“What McConnell is doing is undemocratic. The Bible might even call it wickedness in high places, AKA evil,” Reid said. “What he’s also doing is glibly taunting Democrats, daring them to do something, anything. Because let’s be honest so far Democrats have not done a thing to punish his rotten behavior. Let’s not forget what happened in 2016 McConnell refused to even schedule a hearing for Merrick Garland. Once Trump was elected McConnell blew up the filibuster rule to confirm Federal Judge Gorsuch. McConnell called that move the crowning jewel of his time as majority leader.”

“Wickedness in high places,” Reid concluded.

Watch The Clip Below. 

She would think that McConnell is evil because he is a member of the GOP. Did she somehow forget that the GOP is conservative? Dems are actively trying to pack the courts right now. They came up with a bill to add four Liberal Justices to the Supreme Court. But Pelosi would rather let the Biden-created SCOTUS reform commission come to that conclusion instead. The double standard here is insane. So it’s evil if Mitch McConnell wants to keep the SCOTUS conservative but somehow ok if Dems want to pack it and give it a liberal lean…

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