Religion Takes A Back Seat To Sexual Orientation In Canadian Ruling

The US-Canadian relations have been a little strained as of late with the Tariffs. As Canada is unwilling to see that they are clearly in the wrong charging a 270%-300% Tariff on Dairy Products. But I guess wrong is just what Canada does as a recent court ruling chose sexual orientation over religious freedom.

The case referred to a Canadian Law School that was looking to be accredited. Trinity Western University in Britsh Columbia was the school in question. It is a Christain School that of course has Christian values. Those values are what put their accreditation in question.

The Law Society of British Columbia refused to grant Trinity Western accreditation, claiming that the university’s community covenant agreement discriminates against LGBT students.

The covenant establishes a Christian community that abstains from violence, acknowledges the inherent worth of every person, prohibits cheating, and bans alcohol. The offending clause, in this case, is Section 4, titled “Healthy Sexuality.”

It states: “Further, according to the Bible, sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage between one man and one woman, and within that marriage bond, it is God’s intention that it be enjoyed as a means for marital intimacy and procreation.”

The Judges voted against the school 7-2. They claimed that they understood that it limited the freedom of religion but felt that Diversity took precedent.

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As the second video points out this whole case is pure discrimination in itself as there are Jewish an Muslim law schools yet they are not under the same scrutiny. You’d think there would be something in Canada’s founding document about the freedom of religion. But it turns out their system is much different than ours. Where the US has religious freedom protected by the first amendment, Canada does not hold it to the same regard. The courts seem to run more on judicial opinion than structured law.

This case is not that surprising considering Canada’s position on the LGBQT+ community. Where they have made many restrictive laws when it comes to using proper pronouns. But I guess this is what Trudeau’s Canada looks like. A country that discriminates against Christians while empowering everyone else.