Rep Rush Slanders the Chicago PD Union for Calling out the Smollett Case

The Smollett case is getting out of hand. It should have been an open shut case they practically caught Jussie Smollett red-handed. But Soros backed Prosecutor Foxx messed everything up when she let him off with a slap on the wrist.

Foxx is supposed to be working with the police but she chose to aid the perp instead. The Chicago PD Union is rightfully angry about this and are protesting demanding her resignation. To add insult to injury, a supporter of Foxx claims the Chicago PD Union is the “sworn enemy of Black people.”

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, activist Ja’Mal Green, Jackson and a group of other Foxx supporters blamed the city’s Fraternal Order of Police for a Monday confrontation over the Smollett case that displayed some of the city’s racial and political divisions.

“The FOP is the sworn enemy of black people, the sworn enemy of black people,” said Rush, who drew criticism in the city’s mayoral election when he suggested supporters of Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot would have the blood of African-American youth killed by the police on their hands.

“The FOP has always taken the position that black people can be shot down in the street by members of the Chicago Police Department, and suffer no consequences,” Rush said, as an aide approached Foxx and the state’s attorney stepped out of television cameras’ view. “Let’s be clear: Kim Foxx, her battle, is with the FOP and all of their cohorts.”

Watch the clip below. 

Rush’s comments came after hundreds of protesters, including members of the police union, gathered outside Foxx’s office last week. The union protesters were met with counter-protests from groups including the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, according to The Chicago Tribune. The Tribune also reported that members of white nationalist groups were at the union’s protest.

“The injection of white nationalists in this conversation for me, I will tell you personally, I was afraid,” Foxx said on Saturday. “I would certainly hope that the FOP and whatever their disagreements may be, whatever concerns that they may have about my ability or leadership, would at least expect the people of their union to not inject racism or white nationalists into the conversation.”

The union, though, told The Tribune Saturday that Rush’s comments were “ignorant, offensive, malicious and false.”

“These outrageous and irresponsible comments have demeaned each and every Chicago Police Officer, regardless of their race,” the union reportedly said.”

This is BS Rep Rush should not make this a race thing. The police only found that Jussie Smollett was lying after they looked into the claim that he was attacked by racist Trump supporters. The Chicago PD are pissed that their own prosecutor not only let them down but wasted their time. Rep. Rush looks to be trying to muddy the waters by claiming this protest has anything to do with race.

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