Report: California Citizens Are Sick And Tired Of The Left’s Poor Leadership And Should Expect A Red Wave

Morgan Murtaugh, 25, is running for Congress. The young GOP lawmaker has been nicknamed ‘the fountain of youth.

According to Insider, A California Republican candidate said she believes a “red wave” is coming in the state because people are “pissed off” about the current leadership by far-left politicians.

Morgan Murtaugh, who is running in the 53rd congressional district near San Diego, said there is growing opposition to the state’s sanctuary law toward illegal immigrants and high taxes.

As Reported On Fox News:

While California during the 1980s and early 1990s was anything but serene – there was the crack cocaine epidemic, widespread tensions between the African-American community and the police and a rash of homelessness, just to name a few issues – Chabot argues that unlike that time, it is almost impossible to maintain the type of middle-class existence he had during his childhood. He added that things like rising taxes, legalized marijuana, gun restrictions, sanctuary cities and declining public schools have all added to the disappearance of the state he once knew.

“California is no longer the representation of the American Dream,” he said. “California has fallen morally on so many levels.”

Why? California lawmakers have strangled the middle-class financially and morally bankrupt the once-great state. Most blame the crumbling leadership of Jerry Brown. Including California State Sen. John Moorlach have railed against Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a gas tax increase earlier this year, PolitiFact wrote.

The Orange County lawmaker took his criticism a step further in a recent op-ed in which he predicted the gas tax hike, combined with California’s cap-and-trade extension, would boost gas prices so much that thieves would start siphoning fuel from cars.

Moorlach went on to declare that crime has been on the rise under Brown.

“Crime has been getting worse since Jerry Brown was elected governor,” Moorlach wrote in the Aug. 4 piece in the Sacramento Bee. “The Bee reported, three-quarters of California’s largest cities saw violent crime rise in 2015, with Sacramento’s up 25 percent.”

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