Report Claims Dem Senator Either Leaked Information Or Lied [Video]

A Flordia Democrat, Senator Bill Nelson, is stuck between a rock and hard place after supplying the very information that implicates him in wrongdoing. This being an election year, you KNOW he wishes there was a rewind button on his life.

The Senator is now being accused lying about the Florida elections or leaking information. This stems after Nelson told Tampa Bay Times that “the Russians are in Florida’s records”. Which, has been declared totally unfounded. So he either lied or the Senator just leaked classified information.

As Reported By Truth News Feed:

Nelson misquoted a letter that he and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) wrote on July 2 to a Florida election official warning about the need to strengthen election infrastructure.

To make matters worse for Nelson, a video emerged this week of him suggesting that his claim that Russians had infiltrated Florida’s election systems was an assumption based on what the Russians did in 2016.

After The Post’s fact-check came out, Nelson tweeted out a link to NBC News that he thought vindicated him:

“BREAKING – NBC NEWS: Bill Nelson wasn’t making things up when he said Russians hacked Florida election systems,” The Senator tweeted… about himself.

Unfortunately for Nelson, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler was there to quickly shoot it down:

Our Four-Pinocchio rating stands. Everything in this article was noted in our piece, except for the suggestion that Nelson leaked classified information.- Glenn Kessler.

The article that Nelson tweeted out specifically said that Nelson has not been able to respond to questions about his unfounded claims “presumably because he spoke out of turn about classified information.”

So, based on all the information that is currently available, Nelson appears to have either made a false claim when he stated that “the Russians are in Florida’s records” or leaked classified information. Concerning potentially leaked classified information, the Washington Post’s Salvador Rizzo wrote.

Without having to lift a finger the Democratic Senatorsupplied the rope to the Conservative party by sharing the article that confirmed his involvement.

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