Steven Crowder Gets Punished For Speaking His Mind

Steven Crowder, known for Louder with Crowder, lost his monetization on Youtube all because of a writer from Vox, who couldn’t handle being called out. Vox writer Carlos Maza got upset that Crowder was calling him Gay.

Maza identifies as gay and *****. Apparently, he is the only one that can say it? Maza reported Crowder to Youtube and at first, the Google-owned company held strong, but they soon gave in to the ludicrous report and punished Crowder.

Maza Commented about the incident on Twitter.

I don’t know what to say. has decided not to punish Crowder, after he spent two years harassing me for being gay and Latino. I don’t know what to say.”

To be crystal clear: has decided that targeted racist and homophobic harassment does not violate its policies against hate speech or harassment. That’s an absolutely batshit policy that gives bigots free license.”

If you’re an LGBT creator, is using you. They’re trotting you out to convince advertisers that their platform hasn’t become a breeding ground for hate speech and bigotry. They’re hoping you’ll distract advertisers away from the monsters they’re creating.”

And if you’re an LGBT employee working at , what the fuck are you doing? Helping a guy sell “Socialism Is For ****” t-shirts? That company isn’t your friend. It’s arming the monsters that we’ve spent our lives trying to get away from. Walk out of there.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Meanwhile, Crowder pointed out that Maza has repeatedly referred to himself as a “*****.” At the same time, Crowder acknowledged the concerns and vowed to work to improve.

In a video, he argued: “Did I ever offhandedly use the term lispy *****? I really don’t remember it, but it sounds like me. Why? Because you speak with a lisp and you refer to yourself as a *****. … It’s funny, and this is a comedy show.”

But on Wednesday, YouTube apparently changed its mind about Crowder.

“Update on our continued review–we have suspended this channel’s monetization,” YouTube wrote. “We came to this decision because a pattern of egregious actions has harmed the broader community and is against our YouTube Partner Program policies.”

Crowder is trying to make the best of the situation encouraging his fans to join him outside of youtube.

Crowder responded to the demonetization on Twitter.

Despite Youtube demonetizing Crowder, Maza is still upset.

So the fuck what. Basically, all political content gets “demonetized.” Crowder’s revenue stream isn’t from YouTube ads. It’s from selling merch and “Socialism Is For ****” shirts to millions of loyal customers, that continues to drive to his channel. For free.

If you watch that video Crowder didn’t really say anything demeaning. Unless you find the word ‘*****’ or ‘gay’ offensive. But since Maza identifies himself as gay and a *****, it should not be a big deal. Maza is just upset that Crowder is calling him out. But there’s no reason that he should be banned or demonetized. Crowder should be free to speak his opinion, this is a free country. He’s not even being hateful or inciting violence. It’s BS that Youtube would punish him at all.

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