Roseanne Gets Canceled But Jimmy Kimmel’s Allowed To Use Grieving Children To Push Alt-Left Narrative

There doesn’t seem to be any comedians left in the world, especially late-night shows, like Kimmel’s. Everyone is a politician or at the very least use their platforms to push their own views on the American people.

Friday’s shooting at a Texas school shook the Nation but without batting an eye ‘comedian’, Jimmy Kimmel, rushed to use the children to advance the anti-gun agenda. His montage of video clips was carefully selected in hopes to incite upset.

As Written By BENJAMIN ARIE With Conservative Tribune:

That addiction to hysteria over logic also becomes evident when we ask a simple question: What does Kimmel actually want?

He wants less school violence, yes. So does every sane American, no matter how they identify politically.

What actual policies, besides feeling morally superior on television, does Kimmel want to see? If you say “getting rid of assault rifles” or even “ban common semi-auto firearms,” here’s the reality: The criminal at the Texas school didn’t use either of those.

By all reports, he used a basic Remington pump-action shotgun and a .38 revolver. He also apparently was planning to use improvised pressure-cooker bombs, hammering home the point that almost anything can be used for violence if a deranged person has the will.

Pump shotguns and revolvers have existed for well over a hundred years, as anybody who has seen an old west movie knows.

Again, ask: What does Kimmel want? If it’s to ban shotguns and revolvers that go back to the 1800s, this is an absolutely radical stance that would completely tear up the Constitution, not to mention be impossible to enforce.

If it’s not that, then what? When you step back and look at the facts combined with his use of propaganda and emotional theater, the answer becomes clear: He wants to feel pompous and superior, talking down at law-abiding Americans while kept safe by his own contingent of armed, private security.

That, in the end, is the real problem with the teary-eyed lectures from people like Kimmel. They’re disingenuous and dishonest, and the objective isn’t to have a genuine fact-based conversation about crime and gun ownership.

The objective is for elitists to feel smug, while using emotionalism as a chisel to undermine self-defense and other fundamental rights. It may make for dramatic television, but there is more at stake than one unfunny comedian’s well-rehearsed act.

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