Rush Limbaugh: Emergency At Border Invading “Uneducated People” Are Threatening American Life [Video]

Democrats are still under the belief that the border is not a big deal. They only gave 1.3 Billion for the wall and it was like pulling teeth for them to offer that. Rush Limbaugh thinks that America is in more danger than the MSM/Democrats will ever admit. He thinksĀ the American way of life is in danger due to the invasion of uneducated migrants.

“We have an emergency. This is an invasion. The very existence and definition of American culture, American society, the rule of law. Why does nobody talk about the fact that millions and millions and millions of people are breaking the law coming here illegally and that the Democratic Party wants that to happen? We can’t have the breakdown of rule of law and law and order this way. That alone would suggest that this has gone on way too long and we need to stop it.

The argument about where drugs come into the country. Can anybody deny that they’re coming in and it needs to be stopped and its destroying future generations of the country? We’re — we’re so caught up in the game of how Washington debates issues, is this a fact, is that not a fact, it is undeniable that we have a major immigration problem and a political party that needs a permanent underclass of voters that wants that parade of illegal people who are uneducated –”

Watch The Video Below.

He is right our immigration laws are broken daily yet the Dems don’t care. They are not upholding the laws of our land. Migrants are supposed to learn about our culture and assimilate. That is how it has always been. The second language of the country is not Gaelic, Italian, German or even French. Those migrants assimilated. It is now Spanish and that is largely due to the numerous migrants that enter our country illegally. And for some reason, we are accommodating them by putting things in Spanish…

There shouldn’t be an emergency at our border. We should have taken care of this problem years back. Trump knows this and thankfully he is stepping up in a big way to secure our border.

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