San Francisco Set To Spend Over $500K To Cover Up A Founding Father.

A San Fransisco High School is planning on covering up a mural of a founding father, all because the students can’t handle the truth. They can’t handle that our culture has changed, that America was quite different back in the days of George Washington. So instead of accepting our history, they are trying to cover it up using any means available.

A high school in San Francisco is considering three options for censoring a mural of George Washington deemed problematic by the local activist community: putting up a curtain (price tag: $300,000), painting over it ($600,000), or hiding it behind panels ($875,000).

No doubt San Francisco United School District could hire quite a few teachers in lieu of executing even the cheapest of those plans, but a 13-member working group¬†asserts the mural must go. It “glorifies slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest destiny, white supremacy, oppression,” and “doesn’t represent SFUSD values of social justice, diversity, united, student-centered.” It’s also responsible for traumatizing students, according to the activists.

The truth is that George Washington High School’s mural is provocative by design. It was painted in 1936 by a Russian-American artist named Victor Arnautoff, who held leftist sympathies. Arnautoff did not wish to blindly celebrate Washington while ignoring the less savory aspects of the American founding, and thus he depicted the first president working his slaves and sending men to confiscate Native American lands. It was an attempt to remind students that history is a lot messier than what they read in class.”

A Native American present at the meeting objected to the activists’ concerns, pointing out, Reason says, that the mural shows “what actually happened” when Washington dispatched pioneers to conquer the west. But the progressives, intent on whitewashing Washington, took no notice.”

This is just sad. Slavery happened, War Happened, and people were different in the past. We have evolved as a society and become so much more than our founding fathers could likely imagine. The adage “If we forget our past we are doomed to repeat it.” comes to mind. George Washington helped make this country what it is and we should thank him for it. He lived during a different era with a very different culture and we should accept that, not paint over it.

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