Sanders’ Supporters Come Down On Trans-Activist For Slander

Bernie Sanders like the rest of the Dem presidential candidates is trying to be everywhere to better his chances in the election. But it appears he is missing a few LGBTQ events and his absence is leading some to feel that he is not a supporter. Trans actor Angelica Ross came down on Sanders assuming that he was purposefully elsewhere. But his supporters were quick to correct the uninformed actor and they didn’t take kindly to her presumptions.

Ross was asked as to how she felt about Sanders missing one of the events and she had the following to say:

“I do have some inside information – because I did try to do some digging as to why Bernie was not here. I sent out some questions to folks who were surrounding his camp. And that’s when I found out Bernie had prior commitments.

I’m going to risk being super real here for a second. When you’re on the campaign trail, what’s happening a lot – and what a lot of these candidates have to avoid – is being seen as looking for a photo op. To be seen in certain communities and spaces. I heard that he was not only visiting the [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] but also visiting an old black barbershop.

I’m already struggling as a black trans advocate to get folks in my own black community to understand that being black and being LGBTQ are not mutally exclusive. What I hope Bernie would learn is you don’t have to pander to just one aspect of the black community. If he would have been at the LGBTQ forum tonight, he would have seen we were talking about issues affecting people of color. I think it was a huge misstep on his part. And I’m not here for any of the excuses. I say: “Make it up to me. Make it up to us.”

Ross also tweeted about it.

Sanders’ supporters were not amused and defended their candidate on Twitter.

“To question Bernie Sanders stance on lgbtq rights is the most ridiculous thing ever and shows your bias against him,” one user wrote.

“I don’t think he skipped this forum because he doesn’t believe in equal rights for all,” another said.

“Except you decided to focus on one candidate who has the most robust background on this issue. Also, he was at a HBCU which was already scheduled. To think sanders is weak on LGBTQ is frankly laughable,” another added.

The backlash continued to escalate, leading Ross to announce a break from social media “for a while.”

They ended up causing Ross to get off Twitter for a while as she apparently couldn’t handle the criticism. So Sanders’ supporters lashed out and silence a member of the LGBTQ community, I am sure that is going to go over well.

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