Sarah Sanders Calls Out Dems For Their Border Security Hypocrisy

Sarah Sander called out the Democrats on their BS. In a recent interview on FOX Sanders explained that the Democrats are full of it. She was referring to the ever-changing position that Democrats have on Border Security.

The interviews started by playing a clip where Nancy Pelosi claims that President Trump doesn’t understand that people need a paycheck.

“The president actually understands that people need a paycheck actually far more than Nancy Pelosi ever will. partly because he has actually signed the front of a paycheck…” and improved the economy. We have the best unemployment rate in years.

“The president is committed to making sure that one way or another, whether it is through Congress or other measures, that we protect our borders,” Sanders stated.

“People can’t get a paycheck if they are not around because we have had people come across and take jobs from them or even worse have violent crimes that have hurt Americans. The president is committed to protecting every single American citizen. He knows that without border security and without borders you have no country at all.”

“He’s calling on Democrats to step up and do their jobs and protect the American people and work with him on that process.

Host Martha MacCallum then asked what Trump was going to do if the Democrats refuse to act and just want to put a band-aid on the problem as opposed to fixing it.

“He’s looking at a number of different ways in order to do that. But frankly, it’s sad that Democrats have changed their position so much. If you look back, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Obama, all of these individuals in the past have supported border security.”

“In fact, Chuck Schumer even said in a public statement that illegal immigration is wrong. Yet now that this president is championing the fight and trying to do what’s right, you have Democrats that simply just won’t join in that effort. They voted for it 2006, they voted for wall funding and now they have changed their minds. Democrats have got to decide if they love our country more than they hate this president and so far we have seen no indication that there are willing to do that.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Trump posted on Twitter a video showcasing the Dems hypocrisy. But so far the Dems still have no true interest in protecting the American people. They’d rather continue to have border issues and endanger Americans rather than solve the problem.

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