Sarah Sanders Lays Down The Law With Acosta’s Return

Sarah Sanders let Acosta know that his rude behavior will not be allowed. Since he has now regained his White House Press Pass privileges. She appeared on Hannity where her dad, Mike Huckabee, was filling in for Sean Hannity. They discussed the new protocols that will be put in place to make a more productive and civil press release process.

“We support a free press, but freedom of the press doesn’t mean freedom to be disruptive, freedom to be rude, freedom to interrupt and impede the ability of colleagues, a disruptive reporter, from actually being able to do their jobs, as well as White House staff being able to do theirs,” Sanders explained.

“The judge I think was actually very clear that the White House has the ability to say, you can’t come in. You don’t have — freedom of the press doesn’t mean freedom into the White House,” she said. “And he said there has to be due process. And so that’s what we’re doing and we’ll see what happens from there.”

Sanders made it clear that this is not a case of censorship by any means. CNN “has the most “hard passes” of any news outlet.”

“So the idea that they aren’t able to get information they need from the White House is frankly laughable.”

“I think there are some just standard practices,” she claimed. “Look, I think the very basic minimum is that if certain reporters like Jim Acosta can’t be adults, then CNN needs to send somebody in there who can be.”

Watch The Clip Below

She makes some fine points that the MSM seems to forget. The fact that President Trump answers more questions than any president and his leniency in allowing Acosta back into the Pressroom. Sanders points out that there is no law or rule that makes it so a particular reporter can have access to The White House. It is just a tradition. These big news networks need to rein in their reporters before Trump starts filling their seats with reporters that will at least be civil.

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