Saved By The Selfie: Man Charged With Sexual Assault Cleared By Social Media!

While his ex attempted to ride the #metoo wave and ruin his life, for reasons unknown, social media stepped in with cold, hard evidence that cleared him. Cristopher “CJ” Precopia almost spent 99 years in prison and, at the very least, the rest of his life on a registry after his ex-girlfriend claimed he broke into her home and raped her.

CJ was taken by surprise when he was first slapped with the news. With no one to listen to him or those who vouched for him, it quickly became a hopeless case.

The 21-year-old Williamson County, TX, man told KVUE News he was confused when he was arrested on September 22, 2017 at the lumber yard where he worked. He couldn’t remember when he last spoke to the woman, whom he had dated years earlier in high school, According to The Daily Wire.

“I had no idea why everything was happening, and I was lost,” he told KVUE.

Precopia was taken to the Williamson County Jail, charged with burglary with the intent to commit other crimes. He faced 99 years in prison. His parents paid his $150,000 bond plus thousands more in legal fees to clear his name.

The accuser said the attack happened on September 20, 2017, around 7:20 p.m., but Precopia’s mother, Erin, knew her son wasn’t even in town that night. He was with his mom at a Northwest Austin, TX, hotel — about 65 miles away from where the alleged attack happened.

Thankfully, Erin had proof! She and her son were nowhere near the accuser at that time and she had irrefutable evidence showing. A selfie they took that Erin shared on Facebook with a geo-location stamp showing their coordinance at the time the accuser said the CJ was assaulting her.

“I’m thinking, ‘this is awesome. By the grace of God, she said it happened on the day when I can say totally, 100 percent, where he was at,” Erin Precopia said.

The question still remained: Why had Precopia been arrested, and had police done a thorough investigation? There was hard evidence. It just needed to be found.

Police experts say, in most cases, investigators should try to interview a suspect before filing charges to determine if they have a possible alibi. In Precopia’s case, police reports show he returned a phone call to police and left a message before they moved to arrest him.

So, here we are, a year later and the accuser has neither been named nor charged when a man lost a year of his life in fees and worry and almost lost 100 more. How does that make sense?

Sexual assault is a disgusting act of grave depravity and should not be taken lightly. In some cases, such as CJ’s, the law offers no real consequences to false accusations. This is exactly why we have and need to enforce due process.

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