School Caught Pushing Anti-Trump Racist Narrative

Pearson School Caught Teaching And Testing Students Anti-Trump Material

Imagine your child comes home with a test on ‘how bad and racist Trump voters are’. For some parents, that’s the reality. Should schools be THIS involved in politics?

According to The American Mirror, Indianapolis talk radio host Alex On-Air posted several examples on Twitter from the Advanced Placement edition of “By The People: A History of the United States,” published by textbook giant Pearson which has a copyright of 2019.

Reading like an Op-Ed from the New York Times or The Nation, the book says of the 2016 election:

Trump’s supporters saw the vote as a victory for the people who, like themselves, had been forgotten in a fast-changing America–a mostly older, often rural or suburban, and overwhelmingly white group.

As Written By Teri Webster With The Blaze:

It promotes an “all-white-people-are-racists” narrative in a section about the activist group Black Lives Matter. The group entered the national stage through demonstrations it held after Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson, Missouri police in 2014.

“The nearly all-white police force was seen as an occupying army in the mostly African American town,” the book states, adding, “…police increased the tensions, defacing memorials set up for Brown and using rubber bullets on demonstrators.”

The history textbook is just one example of how the liberal agenda is promoted in schools. In another recent example, members of the LGBT community are pushing for legislation in Illinios that would require public schools to teach LGBT history.

Are there other examples of how this is promoted in schools?

There are other examples, as well.

In March, a parent posted on Facebook questions her daughter was asked for a fill-in-the-blank vocabulary quiz.

The questions included:

  • “It was difficult for me to [blank] my feeling when I learned that Donald J. Trump had been voted in as our 45th President.”
  • “After reading about President Trump’s immigration ban, I did not realize how [blank] the law can be.”

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