Scottland Hits A New All-Time Low: Dubs It “Gingerbread People”, Not Men, Just In Time For Christmas

Mankind has reached a new level of low. We used to worry about important things like survival and putting food on the table. But recently we have started to give in to minority groups like the recent gender identity social movement. And now some people are feeling compelled to change nonoffensive things to better suit this minority. In Scottland a shop deemed Gingerbread Men cookies to be insensitive.

A Scottish Parliament Coffee Shop decided they needed to make their cookies more inclusive to everyone. So they renamed the Christmas classic to Gingerbread persons. This is Canada all over again with “peoplekind” instead of mankind.

The decision was more about a fear of a possible lawsuit in this now overly sensitive world.

The move came after it was revealed 30 percent of women working there said they had been sexually harassed.”

So instead of encouraging the women to get empowering self-defense courses or perhaps learn how to better handle harassment. They thought to change the name of a cookie.

There were critics of the name change including comedian Ricki Gervais who tweeted the following.

“Why are they ALL ginger? Racist.”

But the move has been slammed by Annie Wells, equalities spokesperson for the Scottish Conservatives who called it a “pointless gesture”.

“Surely the Scottish Parliament has got better things to do than worry about what to call gingerbread men?” she said.

These people need to get some hobbies. There are real problems out there that actually matter. This whole cookie incident is a wake-up call. Has the world gone mad? We have areas of our country with safe spaces and people afraid of appropriate pronouns but we still at least have gingerbread men. But if the Liberals have their way it is only a matter of time until we too will be stuck with gingerbread persons.

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