Sen. Kennedy Calls Out One Of The Biggest Hypocrites In Congress.

Senator Kennedy appeared on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum. They talked about how Americans feel Congress should be able to fix the border. Kennedy pointed out that one of the loudest voices complaining about the border is also refusing to fund better conditions for everyone.

MacCallum brought up how many Americans feel that Congress should be able to do something about the border, and asked Kennedy his opinion about this. Kennedy felt that it was a fair assessment, Congress should be able to fix the border, but then pointed out a key person who is hurting the effort to fix the border.

“Let me tell you what has not helped the effort, it is congresswoman Ocasio Cortez’s rhetoric,” Kennedy started. “I realize that socialism, and illegal immigration, and abortion, are moral goods. But we have a huge problem we are trying to solve here. The congresswoman has basically demagogued the whole thing. I just about concluded that she is more famous than wise. I trust her judgment on this issue about like how I trust a Jussie Smollett police report.

She says that the United States of America is intentionally running a concentration camp on the border. I would suggest she visit the holocaust museum to find out what a real concentration camp is. We do have very crowded facilities, there is a reason for that. Our Department of Homeland Security is running out of money. They don’t have any more money

For the longest time, my Democratic friends refused to give them money. Now we have a bill moving in the Senate… but congresswoman Ocasio Cortez is opposing the bill. The hypocrisy is breathtaking,” Kennedy said. “On the one hand, she says you are running a concentration camp, and then she refuses to provide the president with the money to enlarge the facilities.”

Watch The Video Below.

AOC should be ashamed of herself. But of course, she is not. She wants open borders. She doesn’t want to fund any efforts to make things better, or more efficient at the border. AOC seems to want things to fail, in hopes that Americans will side with her over the conditions. She is calling out every flaw about the border conditions while holding the key to fixing it.

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