Senate GOP Goes Rogue, Wants To Limit Presidential Power

The National Emergency that Trump declared is necessary. We need funding for border security. Luckily the president was able to use some his power to do what the Dems were unwilling to do, serve Americans.

But now it looks like some politicians feel that this might be too much power for a president and they are talking about restricting the president’s power.

Senate Republicans said Tuesday they are looking to “revisit” a law that allows presidents to use the National Emergencies Act to redirect federal funding, as President Trump is proposing to do to build a southern border wall.

The GOP hopes a promise to take up legislation reining in the president will keep fewer Republicans from voting with Democrats this week on a resolution to revoke Trump’s border emergency.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said GOP lawmakers are in discussions to narrow the law after Trump used it to redirect $3.6 billion that Congress had dedicated to military construction funding. Trump plans to use the money instead to construct physical barriers along the southern border.”

We’re looking at some ways to revisit the law. There’s a lot of discomfort with the law. … Was it too broad back in the ’70s when it was passed? So yeah, we’re discussing altering that,” McConnell told reporters during a weekly press conference.

A growing number of Republican senators have expressed interest in amending the National Emergencies Act to make it easier for Congress to terminate a national emergency.

We’re going to put forward some proposals on that,” said Sen. Rand Paul(R-Ky.), one of the four Republicans who have said they will support the resolution of disapproval.”

Supposedly this an attempt by the Senate Republicans to gains some favor in supporting the National Emergency. But this move would prevent Trump from bypassing the Democrats in the 2020 budget. Maybe they could pass this right before the end of Trump’s first term as a safeguard but otherwise, this seems too soon. This presidential power seems like it is a useful weapon against the Democrats.

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