Senator Dick Durbin Jumps The Gun And Blames NRA For Jacksonville

The Jacksonville shooting was tragic, two people died and eleven were injured. Nine of which were injured by the gunfire. The details are not all in yet but it appears that David Katz lost a video game contest and was so upset that he came back to the tournament and opened fire. He then committed suicide. He was clearly a deranged individual and would have found one way or another to take out his rage. But anti-gun Democrats were foaming at the bit when they heard the news.

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois could barely hold back as he gave a whole three hours for people to see his “sorry for your loss tweet” before going after the NRA.

I’m heartbroken for Jacksonville. No community should have to suffer from such senseless gun violence. When will Congress have the courage to stand up to the NRA and pass meaningful reforms to help prevent these shootings in America?”

Meaningful reforms? You mean bans and violation of the second amendment? The MSM and Liberals will use this incident to try and push more reforms as they do with every shooting. But guns are not the issue. In Britain they banned guns and people have moved on to knives. If someone wants to inflict harm on others they will find a way.

Gun reform and bans do not stop criminals and the disturbed. They stop law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. These incidents are rare when you think of the population and the number of gun owners. But there have been numerous times this year that guns have saved lives and most of them never see the biased MSM’s airtime. As that would undermine the goal of disarming Americans.

But Sen Durbin is likely just getting ready for some handouts as he pushes the anti-gun agenda.

“The Democratic National Committee repeatedly fundraised off of the Parkland school shooting in February that left 17 people dead.”