Senator Jeff Flake Shows His True Colors Praising Obama

Senator Jeff Flake has been getting more limelight ever since he helped the Democrats to stall the Kavanaugh hearing for an additional FBI investigation. He did vote Kavanaugh in but it really made you question where his loyalties lie. He has provided more proof of his political leaning in a recent interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. An interview where he praised Obama and scrutinized Trump.

“BLITZER: You just heard President Trump and former President Obama lay out two very different closing arguments. Which one sounds like your own vision for the country?

FLAKE: I certainly don’t like the tone that President Trump has taken with regard to blaming immigrants. Having that ad, which I thought was just sickening. And frankly, very untrue with regard to the threat that is posed by illegal immigrants. And the notion that Democrats have prevented any fix, the last real vote we had on substantial immigration reform was the bipartisan bill we did in 2013. Every Democrat in the Senate voted for that bill, which included about $41 billion for additional border security. That’s more than the president has even asked for on border security. So this notion that this is all the Democrats’ fault is just wrong.

BLITZER: It sounds like you’re more in line with former President Obama than you are with the current president, President Trump.

FLAKE: Well, certainly the tone. I’ve always felt that the tone is better. I do think President Trump and Republicans have a strong hand to play with regard to the economy. The economy is doing well. The jobs report announced today was good. Boy, if I were a candidate right now, that’s what I would be running on. Not this fear mongering.”

Is he really a Republican? Because he seems to be regurgitating Obama’s claim that Trump is fear mongering.

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