Senator Kamala Harris’ SICK Comparison Of ICE Will Leave You Seeing RED [Video]

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the agency that helps to uphold the laws of our land. They make sure that no one has illegally come into the country and in doing so save lives. Members of MS-13, drug mules, and other criminals take advantage of weak points in our border. ICE’s purpose is to send illegals back to where they came from, and they do this despite being demonized by the left. Yet Senator Kamala Harris has the nerve to compare these men and women that put their lives on the line to the KKK.

In a hearing to determine who would be the next Department of Homeland Security secretary, Harris made a ridiculous statement. She claimed that there is a negative perception that people have about ICE that she feels parallels the KKK.

The back and forth started with Harris asking nominee Ronald Vitiello about a comment he had previously made where he called Democrats Neo-Klanists.

Vitiello immediately apologized saying that he was wrong to make such a comparison. Harris used this history to launch her loaded question about ICE. She asked, “What is the history that would then make those words wrong?”

Vitiello explained that they KKK is basically a domestic Terrorist group that uses fear and force to change the political climate.

She then made Vitiello explain that the KKK targets minorities which she used to transition her into her gross comparison.

“Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the laws and do you see any parallels …” she asked.

Vitiello tried to stop her in her tracks,   But before Harris could name ICE and the KKK: Vitiello cut in: “I do not see any parallels.”

“That puts ICE in the same category as the KKK. Is that what you’re asking me?” he said.

“No, I’m very specific in what I’m asking you. Are you aware of a perception that they way that they …” Harris said.

“I see none,” Vitiello said.

“Are you aware that there is a perception that ICE is administering its power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation, particularly among immigrants and specifically among immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America?” she asked.

“It seems to me that you would understand that when you use words like the words you used just three short years ago, that that would contribute to that perception,” Harris said. “And it’s harmful then, it’s harmful, in terms of the mission of the agency and the work of the individuals there. And it is harmful in terms of leading — innocent people arriving at our border fleeing harm, it is harmful to them.”

Watch The Clip Below.

The Republican National Committee pounced on the exchange to accuse Harris, a likely Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, of comparing ICE officers to Klansmen and sent out a video clip from the hearing. Ronna McDaniel, RNC chairwoman, said: “Kamala Harris is trying to launch her 2020 campaign off of comparing ICE officers to the KKK, and it’s absolutely disgusting.”


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