Senator Rips Into Horowitz About ‘Non-Bias’ IG Report: “Do You Believe In The Tooth Fairy?” [Video]

Senator Ripped Into Horowitz For Stating The FBI Didn’t Show Signs Of Bias In The IG Report

Louisiana Senator, John Kennedy, let Horowitz have it during a hearing on the Inspector General’s reports that reviewed the conduct (In this case, misconduct) of the FBI during the Clinton-email investigations. Sen. Kennedy was relentless in his questioning of Mr. Horowitz and stayed focused on the newly-released messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

According to the Free Beacon, in his remarks, Horowitz said his report did not find evidence that FBI decisions directly resulted from bias, but he highlighted the damage their mistakes caused.

Specifically, Horowitz said he could not have confidence that the FBI was free from bias when it prioritized investigating Russian involvement in the election over the contents of former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

“We found the FBI’s explanations for its failures to take immediate action after discovering the Weiner laptop in October 2016 to be unpersuasive, and we did not have confidence that the decision of deputy assistant director Strzok to prioritize the Russia investigation over following up on the Weiner laptop was free from bias in light of his text messages,” he said.

So how can they continue to push, and support the IG report, this narrative that the FBI was not biased during their investigation into Hillary Clinton? Clearly, the IG report implicates the wrongdoing of Comey and his staff, but the language is far too weak. The conclusion that their decision was not bias, despite the many messages proving otherwise, makes it appear that there are still friends of the swamp lurking within the Department of Justice.

As Reported By Breck Dumas With The Blaze:

Committee Member John N. Kennedy (R.-La.) led a line of “can we agree” questions to the IG, asking whether Horowitz believed in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and whether or not Jimmy Hoffa died of natural causes. To each, of course, the IG answered that he did not.

Kennedy then asked, “Do you honestly believe that the American people are going to look at this report and look at those emails and not believe that there was bias, and people acting on bias, and that the fix was in at the FBI?”

Senator Kennedy is right, American’s don’t believe that there were decisions made by the FBI based off of political bias. The report proves it.

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