Sessions Backs Trump With A Zero Tolerance Policy For Illegals [Video]

AG Jeff Sessions Stands Behind The President And The U.S.

Since taking on his new role as Attorney General, Sessions has taken some heat for his ‘inactivity’ but it looks like he may be finally settling in. Sessions was notorious for his strict stance on immigration in the past but silent since taking office. It’s nice to see him showing signs of life and finally supporting the President.

According to Fox News, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the current state of the U.S. Southwest Border is ‘unacceptable’ while announcing the new policy. “Congress has failed to pass effective legislation that serves the national interest — that closes dangerous loopholes and fully funds a wall along our Southern Border. “

“As a result, a crisis has erupted at our Southwest Border that necessitates an escalated effort to prosecute those who choose to illegally cross our Border,” he said.

The Trump administration says the number of attempted Border crossings has increased by 203 percent since March 2017. In response, Trump this week signed a proclamation sending the National Guard to the Border. He has said he would like to see 2,000-4,000 members sent to the Border.

The latest move by the Justice Department orders U.S. attorneys along the Border to adopt a policy of prosecuting all referrals from DHS of illegal entry and attempted illegal entry into the U.S. It comes almost a year after Sessions issued a memo to federal prosecutors directing them to prioritize certain immigration offenses.


President Trump commended Mexico for their recent efforts to disperse the large group attempting to cross into the United States. His previous outrage highlighted a serious problem between the two countries.

“Our Border Laws are very weak while those of Mexico & Canada are very strong,” President Trump tweeted Wednesday. “Congress must change these Obama era, and other, laws NOW!”

Tuesday Trump tweeted, “The big Caravan of People from Honduras, now coming across Mexico and heading to our “Weak Laws” Border, had better be stopped before it gets there.” Trump continued with a very effective threat, “Cash cow NAFTA is in play, as is foreign aid to Honduras and the countries that allow this to happen. Congress MUST ACT NOW!”

Both Mexico and Congress, in terms of Jeff Sessions, did just as the President asked. Sessions implemented his ‘zero tolerance’ policy and Mexico was able to break up the bulk of the ‘caravan’.

Hundreds more reportedly still march forward to the U.S. Borders but the National Guard members are in route, tonight, to prevent anyone from crossing. What it all boils down to is this; The President was criticised for threatening to withdraw NAFTA but that threat got action.

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