This One Proves ICE’s “Zero Tolerance” May Actually Be Working

Illegal Immigration is still a hot topic as protests have broken out at ICE facilities and some extremists have taken to terrorizing Republicans. The illegal immigration issue remains unresolved as Democrats are refusing to cross the aisle and come together with Republicans. Despite all of the negative publicity and shaming that the Democrats are doing over the current treatment illegal immigrants, it looks like the Zero Tolerance Policy was actually working.

The separation of children from families was a tough policy that was in place, well before the Trump Administration. Frankly, no one wanted to separate children from parents but this is simply a matter of following the law of the land. If these families want to come here and break the law out of the gate, they have to face the consequences. Trump has put through an executive order to prevent the separation of children from families, but the Democrats are still up in arms over the border.

Despite the MSM narrative, it appears that the policy was working. An illegal immigrant mother had this to say in regards to coming to America.

“I would advise people to find another country to seek refuge. Because here the law is very tough, people don’t have a heart,” an immigrant mother says after being separated from her 7-year-old daughter for two months.”

Watch The Video Below.

But this tearful reunion never would have happened if the family had just come to this country lawfully. That is something that the story fails to mention. The Parents put their child in this predicament by coming here illegally. The US is not to blame for their indifference to the law. As you can see she is not going to be encouraging others to come here illegally. That is the whole point of the Zero Tolerance policy. It was meant as a deterrent. But if you ask a Democrat they would be upset that the illegal immigrant family had to go through this ordeal. It seems Democrats have forgotten who they are supposed to serve… maybe they should head to Mexico and run there instead.

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