SICK! Kamala Laughs At Families Struggling To Educate Children During Lockdown [Video]

Losing your thoughts and forgetting your own name is unbecoming of a president but Biden’s vice president is also a sore spot with her wildly inappropriate outbursts of laughter. She arrogantly laughed at reporters last week who asked her if she was going to visit the border and now, at parents struggling under tyrannical pandemic restrictions.

We have been in this pandemic for over a year now, have viable and working vaccines, and still many of our schools remain shuttered. Democrats don’t have a plan to reopen schools but continue to throw money at areas unrelated to reopening our education system. Meanwhile, working everyday family struggles to navigate online courses and daycare that they can’t afford thanks to lockdown measures.

That’s all funny to the new vice president, I guess. During a speech discussing these issues, Harris erupted in laugher as she began to speak about parents struggling to provide school-grade education at home while juggling their busy work schedules:

“More people are seeing that, yeah, affordable childcare is a big deal. More parents are seeing the value of educators when they had to bring their kids [here] and say we’re not paying them nearly enough,” Harris laughs uncontrollably.


I don’t get it. It’s not appropriate or what anyone should expect from the vice president of the United States but Harris has a long track record of awkwardly laughing at other people’s woes. As I said above, Harris laughed when asked if she planned to check on the children at the border. She laughed during her campaign for president when asked if she threw people in jail over marijuana charges- which she now magically supports legalization.

During a rally last October, Trump asked if there was “something wrong with her too?” after watching her awkward, laugh-filled, 60-minutes interview. 

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KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT: But I’ll close by saying this. I believe in that, that saying that in every crisis, there is an opportunity, if we see it for what it is. This pandemic resulted in so much loss to human life, people lost their jobs, loss of normalcy, so much loss and devastation. And this pandemic was in many ways an accelerator, meaning for home, things were bad before they got even worse. And it also magnified than the fissures and the failures and the fractures in our system.

So, you say Kamala, okay, talk about the opportunity now, right? The opportunity is, more people are seeing that, yeah, affordable childcare is a big deal. More parents are seeing the value of educators when they had to bring their kids [here] and say we’re not paying them nearly enough. We started to talk about things like paid sick leave, and paid family leave because guess what? We’re all in this together. So therein lies the moment of opportunity that we all collectively, I know, are going to take full advantage of in terms of saying, you know what, there’s consensus. We’re all in this together, everyone can see something that maybe only some of us could see before.

So let’s get to it. And let’s not be incremental. Let’s leapfrog over the problems and get into the next phase of all of this. Invest in our childcare workers, invest in our childcare centers, invest in our children, pull people out of poverty, agree that it is not okay in the United States of America that children go hungry. This is the opportunity before us right now. The opportunity to address long-standing racial disparities in every one of these systems, be it health care, education, the economy, deal with the fact that over 2 million women left the workforce, in large part because of dual responsibilities and the need to address those responsibilities.

We are at a moment, I believe, that should cause us to have great optimism about what is possible. And we are all a part of it. So it’s Friday, it’s the second weekend of Spring, I left D.C. and I think the cherry blossoms are about to come out soon. And flowers are blooming and at least we see those little buds. And we have a moment where we can see kind of a Spring. So let’s go into this with all of the wounds we carry. But let’s go into it with a sense of optimism about what we are capable of doing when we do it together. Thank you all.

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