Sigh… Gillette/Venus Jumps On PC Wagon

Usually, razor companies talk about the closeness of a shave or how sharp their razors are. But Gillette is going a different way with their ad campaigns. They are trying to appear trendy by joining the PC movement. Back in January, they went after Toxic Masculinity now they look to be championing morbid obesity? and Gender identities?

They tweeted the following pic:

They followed up that tweet with an explanation.

“Venus is committed to representing beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and skin types because ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown. We love Anna because she lives out loud and loves her skin no matter how the “rules” say she should display it ?

But they didn’t stop there as they decided up the ante and cover another group of people.

Jazz Jennings is a transwoman. She commented on Gillette’s new campaign.

All women think they’re expected to have glowing, perfect, radiant skin,” Jennings tells me during our exclusive interview. “This campaign dismantles that misconception. Skin isn’t always that. It’s natural. It’s a layer of the body. What’s also awesome is that [Gillette Venus] is not doing any retouching of blemishes, and will show the hair as it’s being removed.”

If a woman doesn’t want to shave, don’t harp on her,” she says. “It’s her choice. If a guy doesn’t shave, no one looks twice or cares. If a woman doesn’t shave, people do look twice. That rule needs to go away. You should be able to choose what parts you want to shave — whether it’s your entire body or just your armpits, it’s up to you.”

My favorite thing about the campaign is the diversity and the inclusion,” Jennings says. “Gillette Venus is celebrating every woman and every kind of skin. All ethnicities, identities, and inclusivity are important.”

People have tried to invalidate my identity as a woman,” she says. “When a major company is endorsing someone who is trans, they are saying, ‘We support Jazz and her identity.’ A lot of people don’t embrace our identities or allow us to express who we are authentically. Venus is saying, ‘No, everyone can be who they are.’

Wait, is she saying she doesn’t want people to shave… Wouldn’t that be opposed to the wishes of a razor company?

This whole social trendy ad campaign started back in January with their Toxic Masculinity ad.

Good grief, what exactly is Gillette selling these days… This reminds me of those old cologne commercials where the product feels like a footnote and they just get someone famous to read off some random nonsense.

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