SNL Parodies Dems Presidential Candidates In Their 45th Season Premiere

SNL decided to play on the fact that they have a tough choice in the upcoming Democrat primaries. They, of course, talked about the Trump impeachment news but it was a trivial part of the bit. The segment really showcased just how ridiculous the Dem presidential candidates are.

Saturday Night Live” is back, and that means more political sketch comedy. During the season 45 premier there was a sketch about an “impeachment town hall” in which the Democratic presidential candidates debated the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“Good evening, I’m Erin Burnett,” says cast member Cecily Strong. “The Democratic candidates have united together and decided to handle the impeachment the only way they know how — with a muddled ten-person town hall debate.”

Strong then introduces the lower-tier candidates, starting with the “guy who tragically misread our enthusiasm for him, Beto O’Rourke.”

After being told there wouldn’t be time for him to “say a few words in 8th-grade Spanish,” O’Rourke, played by Alex Moffat, replies: “Lo siento in la biblioteca.”

A few brief gags follow — Andrew Yang noting that despite giving away cash, he’s still in sixth place, Cory Booker being told that he had only five words due to his poor standing in the polls, and Pete Buttigieg being a doormat.

Next up was Marianne Williamson, played by Chloe Fineman, “appearing live via astral projection.”

Watch The Video Below.

They also parodied Sanders bashing him for ruining it for Hillary in 2016. Dems tend to forget that Hillary rigged the primary and destroyed any real chance of a Democrat win.

But the best part of the segment is Woody Harrelson as Biden talking about race, his touchy-feely nature, gaffes, and name dropping Obama whenever he got a chance.

This is probably one of the better SNL skits, as they usually lean so far to the left these days that they are hard to watch.

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