SNL Veteran SLAMS Former Funny Program For It’s Current Political Lean

Comedian Rob Schneider took to Twitter after he had had enough of the Baldwin impression of Trump. It’s not that he didn’t see that there was comedic value to the impression, it is just the way that he is portraying Trump. As Baldwin clearly dislikes Trump and therefore plays him with that feeling in mind.

The fun of ‘Saturday Night Live’ was always you never knew which way they leaned politically,” he told the Daily News. “You kind of assumed they would lean more left and liberal, but now the cat’s out of the bag they are completely against Trump, which I think makes it less interesting because you know the direction the piece is going.”

He further went on to say that SNL has covered Republican Presidents before like when Dana Carvey played Bush. He never played the role with a bad mindset about the person or at least didn’t let it show.

Carvey played it respectfully,” Schneider said. “To me, the genius of Dana Carvey was Dana always had empathy for the people he played, and Alec Baldwin has nothing but a fuming, seething anger toward the person he plays.”

Rob continued by talking about Late Night Comedy In General.

Much late-night comedy is less about being funny and more about Indoctrination by comedic disposition,” Schneider continued on Twitter. “People aren’t really laughing at it as much as cheering on the rhetoric. It no longer resembles a comedy show, it’s more like some kind of liberal Klan meeting.”

Watch The Video Below.

The Media, of course, was upset was upset about his claims as the MSM is not shy about how it leans. But to their surprise, Baldwin actually agreed with Schneider.

“I must admit he has a point.”

Schneider did clarify as the Mainstream Media started to twist his words.

“This “us against them” mentality is just rationalized identity bullying. There’s no more debate, just demonizing and silencing. Hollywood, and it’s built int egotistical elitism, is always fertile ground for another blacklist. They love Free Speech as long as you agree with them and say exactly what they want you to say. Otherwise, you are either a right wing nut job or…(hold your breath) a racist, homophobic, misogynistic islamophobic. Take your pick. I’ll take real Free Speech and continue to mock both Liberals and Conservatives.”

Schneider did go on to say that he admires Baldwin’s work otherwise but made it clear his current performance was just hateful.

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