Soap Opera Dem Tries To Use Obama Era Photo To Attack Trump

The Dems are just hopeless when it comes to accepting reality. They all believe that Obama could do no wrong, even when they have the evidence right in front of them. A Soap Opera Actress, Nancy Lee Grahn, found photos of migrant children wrapped in blankets, sleeping on a cement floor. But there was a problem, the photos were from the Obama Era. So she did what any delusional Trump hater would do, Grahn cropped the date out and posted them as if they were new.

“Trump administration is forcing children 2 sleep on cement floor with an aluminum blanket & lights on all night. Sarah Fabian from DOJ argued in court that it was good enough & soap was unnecessary. Companies making 750 a kid a day to torture them.”

She was quickly caught in her lie. But not soon enough.

“30,000 retweets for this total lie.

These pictures are from 2015 and Nancy cropped the time stamp out of the top left.

This only further proves the media took an 8 year nap under Obama. 

But as any cultist, uh I mean Dem, she doubled down and claimed that any voices of reason were just haters.

“My timeline is filled with “tweets aren’t available” posts because Trumpers don’t know that they were muted long ago and are continuing to rant to no one. Kinda like holding a kids head at arms length when they’re swinging at you.”

Nancy Lee Grahn is known for her roles on “Santa Barbara” and “General Hospital.”

A liberal,[10] Grahn is outspoken in political matters. In 2000, she organized a television conference for fellow Democratic daytime stars titled “Daytime for Gore/Lieberman“.[5] The event was held at the home of Gary Tomlin, director of NBC’s Passions, and in attendance were Sharon Davis, wife of then-California Governor Gray Davis, and Kristin Gore, daughter of then-Vice President Al Gore.[11] During the 2008 presidential election, she hosted an online chat along with fellow daytime actors to discuss the election with fans.[12]

Grahn is an active proponent of reproductive rights. She created “Daytime for Choice”[5] in 1988,[11] and discussed with the New York Times in 2007 her decision to have an abortion when she was in her 20s as well as her desire to see abortion depicted in a fair and unbiased light within film and television.[13] Grahn is also a supporter of LGBT rights and has participated in the NOH8 Campaign.”

Well I mean she couldn’t blame Obama, that would be rational…

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