Star Wars Actor Lashes Out At 3 Year Old

Actor Mark Hamill played the iconic role of Luke Sky Walker in the Star Wars Series. Since then it appears he has become more of a Sith Lord than Jedi due to his abundance of Trump hate.  Or perhaps he has just become more in tune with his voice acting character since he voices the Joker in Batman cartoons. Either way, Hamill went overboard on Twitter after Ivanka Trump posted an innocent photo where their three-year-old, Theodore, was dressed up as a Stormtrooper. Ivanka wrote, “The force is strong in my family,” as a cute comment to go with the post. Hamill saw this and apparently couldn’t contain his hate, so he bashed the family by posting the following:

Trump haters thought this was great as they seem to lack basic humanity and liked his tweet. But many saw this as too much as Hamill is also attacking the little kid that is clearly a fan and has nothing to do with his parent’s or family’s politics.

“It’s a child in a Star Wars costume, Mark, Chet Cannon commented trying to reason with the star wars actor.

Another commenter claimed Hamill has ruined Star Wars for him.

“Wow. The moment you realize you lose all respect for someone whose character you loved for 40 years. I just had that moment. This moment right here, @HamillHimself. The moment you attack a child wearing a Storm Trooper costume. – #GoForceYourself, Mark.”

Wow. @HamillHimself just burned a little kid wearing a Star Wars costume. He sure told him! Don’t listen to the haters, Mark. You’re not a petty, pretentious little prick!, Another commenter sarcastically said bashing the star wars actor. 

But it appears Hamill did realize his mistake as another commenter cropped the original photo down to just Theodore dressed up as a stormtrooper and wrote: “Forget the parents…this kid rocks.” To which Hamill wrote “Agreed.”

He should have just complimented the kid for his suit, and totally disregarded the parents, if this is how he feels. There is no reason to get ugly and bash the family over that innocent comment. But at least Hamill clarified that the little kid was cool at the end and that his beef was not with the child in the photo.

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