State Forcing Parents to Comply with Outrageous Demand of Their Child

Teens have a tendency to rebel or act out but usually, when they do so it is not to this level. A 14-year-old Autistic boy declared he was actually a female and wanted a sex change.

And unlike the US apparently, the parents in the UK have little say in the matter. The boy’s parents were given an ultimatum: give their child his desired sex change or lose the child to foster care.

Doctors at an NHS clinic had recommended he be given puberty-blockers – which delay adolescence – after the youngster declared he believed he was female.

But his mother and father, fearing the potential side-effects of the drugs, stopped him going to the clinic. And they suspected his abrupt decision to change sex was a result of his autism.”

After mom and dad pulled their son from the gender clinic, school officials reported the parents to child services for “emotional abuse” due to their objections to the sex change. One of the teachers, The Daily Mail noted, told the parents “that they should find alternative accommodation for their son or else he would be put into temporary foster care.”

A month later, the local authority placed him in a child protection plan after social workers concluded he was likely to suffer ‘significant harm’ under his parents’ care.

However, the family avoided seeing the boy go into foster care because a family friend agreed that he could live with them. Children’s services have now taken the boy out of child protection and earlier this year he moved back home.”

The mother commented on the incident.

“I’m absolutely devastated. When I saw the report that social services wrote about us and saw the words “emotional abuse”, I just broke down.

‘All we were doing was trying to get him to pause and think about his actions. My biggest worry as a mum is my child gets pushed down this route, becomes a woman, goes through the surgery, then gets to 25 and says, “I’ve made a mistake.”’

Can you imagine the state telling you that you need to change your son’s sex or lose custody? This is just abhorrent behavior. No one should have this kind of control over your kids. If the rebelling teen wants to get a change he should wait until he is an adult. But until 18 he should be seen as the minor that he is.

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