Stephen King Proves He Needs To Retire With Anti-Kavanaugh Tweets

Stephen King used to write gripping tales that could bring forth a full range of emotions. But now he is tweeting on Twitter and has clearly lost touch with reality. The author is a MSM Koolaid drinker and is wholeheartedly against Kavanaugh. So much so that he felt the public needed to hear his Liberal opinion about the supreme court nominee.

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is looking more and more like Chester the Molester.”

“If “white male entitlement” was in the dictionary, it could be illustrated by Brett Kavanaugh’s photograph. The thought of this closed mind on the Supreme Court for the rest of my life sickens me.”

So close minded must refer to his Christianity and the morals that he acquired from its teachings. It seems most Liberals can’t handle the fact that Kavanaugh is against abortions. They obviously are freaking out that they might have to be responsible adults. So instead of practicing safe-sex or accepting the consequence of their actions, they’d rather kill a baby. But King is sickened by Kavanaugh, not the idea of killing babies.

He writes close minded… Is that like making an assumption without having all the evidence? like what King is doing now? King is rich he owns three homes and could easily fall under this title of “white male entitlement,” is this some kind of transference of maybe some self-loathing?

While in college, Brett Kavanaugh was a heavy drinker and an enthusiastic party-boy. Those behaviors change with age, but the attitudes and assumptions which drove the behaviors rarely do.”

Stephen King was an alcoholic and gave up drinking and drugs in the late 80’s early nineties, his family had to stage an intervention to help him stop. Kavanaugh partied when he was in college like most do. It seems like King is trying to say that Kavanaugh’s intentions were to attack women after lowering their inhibitions. King’s whole opinion is based on allegations. So this is the second presumptuous tweet, from a man that is relying solely on the MSM’s intel.

King then later went to criticize the committee for having a woman speak on their behalf.

So I understand the white Republican men on the Judiciary Committee have hired a female lawyer to question Ms. Blassey Ford; better “optics.” This strikes me as taking “chickensh*t behavior” to a whole new level.”

So trying to accommodate Ford with a Female representative is poor behavior? The MSM has been slamming the Committee for lacking any female presence from the Republican side. If anything this a kindness but once again King is on the road to perdition and fails to understand this.

But what can you expect from a fiction writing author, they deal in fantasy and make-believe.
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