Steve Deace Walks Out On CNN Interview After Guest Bashes Christianity

CNN is a tough place for a conservative to try and express his/her views. It is known that CNN is liberal, but turns out they may be a little anti-christian as well. Conservative radio host Steve Deace was on CNN Headline News (HLN) to represent conservatives on a panel. The topic was The Supreme Court and moral issues. Everything was going fine until Sirius Radio and CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah made a slight at Christians.

Carol: “Is there really enough backbone in Congress among out lawmakers to really take a stand and I’m not talking about Democrats but Republicans?”

Deace: “Well here’s the thing, so I came on here to have an earnest conversation. I’ve been happily on here in the past and we’ve had one. And you started with me and I tried to have a conversation where we might get to a place of agreement. Right away you go to Dean after me. He basically says people with my worldview are, what do you call us Christain Saudi Arabians? You did not push back on that-”

Obeidallah: “Christian Sharia Law Advocates, I’m not saying you, Steve-”

Deace: “You did not push back on that Carol. I mean that is just a preposterous statement. So here’s the thing once you say certain things like that, that might be great for Dean’s audience on Sirius XM of all people that already agree with him. And I could play this game too. I can go cultural Marxist. We can go back and forth with our quips and trolls, nothing gets accomplished.

So right away I made an attempt to have a higher-minded conversation, instead, we go right to pro wrestling. Dean his Bobby the Brain Heenan act and we are off, and any attempt at having any sincerity whatsoever where there might be some common ground is already done. You guys in the media don’t play referee when this stuff happens, and this is why a lot of conservatives like me don’t come on shows like this. Because we get set up to be foils, we get set up to be strawmen, and here was an attempt where I tried to have a legitimate conversation, and it’s already over Carol, It’s already over.”

Deace then proceeds to leave as he has made his point, despite having to put up with a ridiculous comparison. Christians make up more than half of the population of the United States. We are country that has been primarily Christian since our start so I don’t see how Dean Obeidallah can think the way he does.

His whole argument is flawed and was clearly set up to rile up Deace. Good on him for taking the high road from that agitator. The sad thing is he was trying to have a rational conversation and instead was attacked. But what can you really expect from a CNN production…

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