Steven Crowder Exposes ‘Slanderous SJW Professor’ Over Fake Tweets [Video]

Think twice before you slander Steven Crowder. In the latest episode of the CRTV host’s “Crowder Confronts” video series, a professor of “logic” who posted fake tweets from Crowder on social media and called him an “alt-right Neo-Nazi” is confronted on camera, in the middle of his own class.

The professor claimed that Crowder sent death threats to his son. Crowder denies sending any threats and constantly advocated against violence. “I didn’t even know you had a son” Crowder explained. “I thought you were gay,” he added.

According to The Daily Wire, the team over at Louder With Crowder went above and beyond for their latest “Crowder Confronts” episode, which includes a guest-star appearance from comedian Owen Benjamin, a lot of white spandex, and a custom-made “I AM NOT A NAZI” sign.

Steven Crowder decided it was high time to confront a UT Arlington logic professor who smeared him as an “alt-right Neo-Nazi” and spread fabricated genocidal tweets ahead of his appearance at Southern Methodist University.

The professor dodges answering Crowder’s questions. At several points during the confrontation, the professor changes his claim from Crowder being responsible for making the threats to ‘Crowder’s followers’.

Meanwhile, the professor’s students attempt to trip Crowder and can be seen shoving him through the door before the debate continued at an administrator’s office who supported the professor completely! “He can say whatever he wants,” she explains as she attempts to throw them out of her office.

Campus police were called and Crowder and his team were escorted off campus but not before exposing the professor as well as the school’s administration. Take a look:

Steven Crowder is a Canadian-American conservative political commentator, actor, and comedian.[He is the host of Louder with Crowdera podcast covering news, pop culture, and politics, streamed on YouTube and Conservative Review’s streaming service CRTV; at, and on Facebook, SoundCloud, iTunes, and terrestrial radio. He is also a former contributor at Fox News, a regular guest on TheBlaze, a former voice actor on the PBS Kids children’s cartoon Arthur and is frequently featured on The Glenn Beck Program and The Dana Show.

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