Stormy Daniels Goes on Rampage Against Trump 2020

Pornstar Stormy Daniels once again could not keep Trump out of her mouth. This time she expressed her worry that Trump will win in 2020.

Stormy Daniels says she regularly fears that President Trump could win reelection.

“I will be voting,” the adult-film star told an audience of almost entirely women on Tuesday at The Wing in Washington.

“Some days I’m like, ‘There’s no way — this is gonna be amazing,’” Daniels told moderator Jane Mulkerrins, a freelance journalist, when asked during the Q&A session about the prospects of what might happen in the 2020 presidential election.

“Other days I’m like, ‘This motherf—er’s going to win again,’” she said of Trump.”

Daniels has become infamous for repeated efforts to sue the president, but thus far she has had little luck in the courtroom. For instance, just this month a judge threw out one of her lawsuits.

The porn actress went on to slam Michael Cohen for his testimony before Congress calling him”dumber than herpes.”

Cohen was sentenced to three years in jail for tax and bank fraud among other charges. Of his conviction, Daniels said, “I’m thinking about visiting him in prison for shits and giggles.”

Daniels went on to insult Trump, saying, “To be quite honest I’ve slept with a lot of famous people, and if I was going to leak a story, it would be one of the hot ones. Not that one.”

“What happened wasn’t important — trust me, it was 90 seconds of unimportance,” Daniels quipped to the crowd.

Asked if she thinks her “honesty and bravery” would affect Trump’s chances of winning reelection, Daniels replied in the affirmative.

“It’s not my bravery, it’s his dishonesty that’s going to cost him.”

The country would be lucky to have Trump for a second term. It’s these Dems that are hurting our country. If they could stop worrying about sticking to Trump and start working with the president we could actually get things done.

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