Stormy To The Rescue: Adult “Star” Tells Supporters She’s Plans To Aid In Border Crisis

Stormy Daniels Pledges To Help Reunite Families At The Border AFTER Trump Announced Executive Order To Keep Children With Their Parents…

President Trump struggled to reach a bipartisan agreement with Congress to change the policy that would keep families together at the border- where appropriate. In an effort to get immediate relief to children separated from their parents, the President was forced to push an executive order. Typically an unpopular move for any president but in this case necessary since those who claim to care the most were the ones preventing a tangible fix.

According to CBS News, in a shift from previous policy, families will now be held together during the process of prosecution and deportation at the border.

“We are keeping families together and this will solve that problem. At the time we are keeping a very powerful border and it continues to be a zero tolerance, we have zero tolerance for people that enter our country illegally,” Mr. Trump said. He added that no one has had the “political courage” to take care of the issue which he claims has gone on for over 60 years.

In a strange turn of events, now that the President and his family have already developed a solution to the crisis, Stormy Daniels announced her plans to help. Despite a solution already underway…

In a tweet to one of her supporters, Daniels says “Don’t Worry.” That she is just ‘figuring out’ the ‘best course of action to maximize’ her resources. The supporter apparently reached out to Daniels to use her ‘platform’ to help reunite families at the borders. Just one problem, Trump has already taken care of the families with his executive order so what is Daniels going to do, exactly?

Stormy won’t let that stop her from soaking up any and all media coverage she possibly can. It was, after all, Daniels who retweeted the request from her fan as well as her response- just in case others may have missed it?

As Reported By The Hill:

Daniels’s tweet comes the same day her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, announced that he’s representing whistleblowers within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“We are now representing whistleblowers within ICE, outside contractors, etc. They have reached out to us to provide us with info as to what is really going on. We are going to blow this wide open and take the info to the American people so they can decide what happens next.”

Avenatti represents Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, in her lawsuits against Trump and Cohen over a non-disclosure agreement related to an alleged 2006 affair.

Do you think this is just classic showboating on the former porn stars part? If there is already a fix in place what do you think the media-savvy Daniels plans to do? Let us know in the comments below.

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