Study Finds Immigrants More Likely To Require Government Aid.

The Caravan has been moved back from the border. Photos show they have left behind mounds of trash and bottles of urine. They have effectively trashed the area near the border. But what would have happened had we opened our borders and allowed everyone in like the Democrats had wished for. According to a study, it looks like the enrollment in government aid programs would dramatically increase.

Analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies of the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) shows welfare use by households headed by non-citizens is very high.”

Of non-citizens in Census Bureau data, roughly half are in the country illegally. Non-citizens also include long-term temporary visitors (e.g. guest workers and foreign students) and permanent residents who have not naturalized (green card holders). Despite the fact that there are barriers designed to prevent welfare use for all of these non-citizen populations, the data shows that, overall, non-citizen households access the welfare system at high rates, often receiving benefits on behalf of U.S.-born children.”

“Welfare use is significantly higher for non-citizens than for natives in all four top immigrant-receiving states. In California, 72 percent of non-citizen-headed households use one or more welfare programs, compared to 35 percent for native-headed households. In Texas, the figures are 69 percent vs. 35 percent; in New York they are 53 percent vs. 38 percent; and in Florida, 56 percent of non-citizen-headed households use at least welfare program, compared to 35 percent of native households.”

Of households headed by non-citizens with no more than a high school education, 81 percent access one or more welfare programs. In contrast, 28 percent of non-citizen households headed by a college graduate use one or more welfare programs.”

So these job-seekers my actually be looking to leech off our country. So it looks like they need to add a new requirement to the citizenship process. They need to ensure that any immigrant entering the US can keep a job or get an education.

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