Surprising: Bill Maher Defends Trump On An Immigration Plan

Bill Maher is not by any means a fan of Trump, but for whatever reason he found himself agreeing with the president. In a recent segment, Maher talked about Trump’s idea for a Merit-Based Immigration System.

“Should President Trump’s plan to switch to a merit-based system receive more consideration? Maher asked bringing up the question for discussion.

“Well, it would be more like what Canada has,” Maher started.

CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers kind of disagreed. She claimed we need both, skilled and unskilled laborers. A merit-based system in her opinion would cut the unskilled labor out.

“This country is based on people coming over here not based on having a Ph.D. or having high-level skills. Even when we say ‘merit-based,’ it sort of suggests that someone who doesn’t have a high education doesn’t have merit. I think we need people who are unskilled laborers. We need them just as much as people who are engineers.”

Maher disagreed and liked the idea put forward by former Republican governor Bill Weld that the merit-based immigration policy is “worth some fleshing out.”

“Yeah,” Maher said to Weld, “It sounds more normal Republican, the one that was ignored two weeks ago.”

Watch The Clip Below. 

We have plenty of people here in the United States that rely on unskilled job opportunities. It is what they either prefer to do, or is what they are capable of. We don’t need to import more manual laborers. As it stands, many jobs that would be considered unskilled are slowly being edged out by technology.

They say truck drivers will be replaced by driverless vehicles. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes with machines. Look at automated customer service. How many people are still doing that? It takes like three menu selections to get to a human.

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